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Free visit cost and insurance claim support for home medical services

To meet the increasing demand of home medical services due to Covid-19 virus and seasonal illness, Hong Ngoc Hospital is offering a special program known as “Free visit cost and insurance claim support” for customers requiring our home medical services. The offer is valid from 4 March 2020.


Free home visit cost for the first 5km from Hong Ngoc Hospital (55 Yen Ninh), Hong Ngoc Keangnam General Clinic, and Hong Ngoc Savico General Clinic (1)

Claim support for customers using insurance, all benefits are remained like payment at the hospital (2)

Hotline: 0947 61 6006 – 0949 41 6006 – 0911 858 616

Home medical services – Safe choice for your children during pandemic time

The Covid-19 pandemic is getting increasingly complex with hundreds new cases each day while spring is time for numerous infectious diseases such as hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD), chicken pox, dengue fever, cold and influenza to break out. The most vulnerable ones to these diseases are children.

If your children are not able to visit hospital or they are suffered from a disease that requires isolation without exposure to wind or crowed places, it’s a great choice to call us for home medical services. This solution is fast, safe and effective to protect your children’s health.

Parents should not be ignorant even if it is just a fever because without prompt and appropriate help from professional doctors, some illness which seems to be simple could lead to serious problems and unpredictable consequences in short time.

Home check-up and medical care is necessary for the elderly

While children are vulnerable due to their young age, the elderly require meticulous care to maintain and improve their health when they’re getting older and weaker.

Almost all elder people are suffered from one of more nuisances caused by chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, brain anemia, digestive disorders, urinary tract diseases, blood fat, and so on. These diseases often lead to unpredictable accidents and problems, including stroke and acute inflammation. Regular health check-up and 24/24 care, therefore, is necessary to monitor their health status and quickly handle arising situations.

However, at their age, the elderly could not able to visit hospital, lining up to wait for your turn which takes time and makes them tired. For this reason, home check-up medical care would be a smart choice for them.

Hong Ngoc Hospital’s special promotion for home medical services

Understanding the concerns of numerous customers for the health of their children and old parents, from 4 March 2020, Hong Ngoc Hospital is offering “free home visit cost and insurance claim support” program so that more and more patients would enjoy our high-quality services right at their home.

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Hotline: 0947 61 6006 – 0949 41 6006 – 0911 858 616


(1) Please click here for further information of our clinics

(2) Applied for all types of health insurance and life insurance


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